Meet Our Team
Occapational Therapist
​Yolanda Lee

I graduated with a Bachelor (Honours) degree in Occupational Therapy in Monash University in 2017. I am a registered Occupational Therapist with AHPRA. As an Occupational Therapist, my focus is on providing client-centred and goal-oriented care in aiming at allowing people in regaining their ability and independence in participating in activities they have to do and would love to do and hence improving their quality of life.
My skills:
- Implementing falls prevention strategies in being proactive and minimising the risk of falling
- Implementing self care retraining session in increasing the safety awareness and independence in managing daily tasks
- Providing massage in loosening tissue tightness and stiffness of joints
I have a great passion working with the aged population. Through assessing each client's condition, communicating and building rapport with them, I will develop and implement appropriate care plans in allowing them to maintain their independence in managing daily tasks and increase their quality of life.