Meet Our Team
Helen Sau Ping Lam

I graduated in Hong Kong as a physiotherapist in 1993. I got my master degree in exercise and nutrition science in UK in 2007.  I have my research “The validity and reliability of a 6-metre timed walk for the functional assessment of patients with stroke” published in Physiotherapy Theory and Practice in 2010.

 As a physiotherapist, I have been serving seniors for more than 20 years. I provided physiotherapy to senior patients with neurological, pulmonary, medical, orthopaedic, palliative, fall risks and chronic pain conditions in a rehabilitation hospital in HK for more than 10 years.  I migrated to Australia in 2010 and continued my service to seniors, in different aged care facilities in Melbourne.

In my everyday service to seniors, I communicate with them, conduct functional assessments, develop care plans and fall prevention strategies, design exercise plans, prescribe equipment, lead group exercise classes, deliver individual treatments including chronic pain management, and keep families, care staff and health professionals updated. 

 I love seniors. I understand them and have a passion to help them…..