Caring, hands
With 20+ years of clinic experience, I will do my best to cater your need. After a proper assessment of your problem, I will formulate the method of treatment suitable to your condition. I am happy to listen to your concern, your past history of the problem in order to ensure the treatment effect will be maximized and you will enjoy and feel comfortable during the treatment.
If you have any bad experience from previous treatment experience, or any worry about your present condition may not response well to treatment, I may give you some option for the treatment. I believe everyone’s problem is different and no one set of treatment can apply to everyone.
After treatment, you are encouraged to tell me your response in the next visit and therefore I can ensure the best way for your recovery.
Things like your position during the treatment, your comfort, and your privacy will be looking after as well. 
If you have any concern, just feel free to ask me before or during the treatment. 

For elderly, I have 10+ years experience working in aged care facility. We have a team of allied health profession to look after elderly living in aged care facility. Our staff are patient, professional, and caring. 

You are welcome to contact me for further aged care service.